Te Hua o te Kawariki Trust (The Governing Body)

The Te Hua o te Kawariki Trust represents the people of four neighbouring local marae. By virtue of whakapapa we represent 1000 years, or 32 odd generations of relationship with this place, a place we consider extraordinarily unique. On that basis, we have made personal commitments to become involved in establishing a special cultural centre and visitor attraction. Why? Because we are proud of the ancestral connections we have with this place, proud of our ancestors who bequeathed us such a rich heritage of traditions, places, art-work, songs and most importantly, examples of selfhood and identity for us to follow.

inside the footprints gallery

inside the gallery

strolling on path past the whare

Why a cultural centre/ museum, when we have places immortalised by our ancestors, much as they were when they walked this land and travelled these waters? Simply, it is a Māori museum – we need to be able to tell the stories of our ancestors from the basis of the oral traditions and history, which have been held in this particular local area, not from anyone else’s versions. Plus, the desire to keep those ancestral places as they knew them. We see this as the ultimate fulfilment of the kaitaiki role we have. We do not want our traditions and history lost, forgotten, misplaced or what is happening now, distorted by other people’s renditions. There are no better placed people than we, to tell the story. We are uniquely placed, being face to face every day with the ancestral places located on both sides of the harbour. Equally there are no better placed people than we, to actively care for and with others, protect these irreplaceable sites from unwanted development and uses. We believe that with technology and examples of our ancestors’ craftsmanship, we can bring 32 odd generations of relationship alive for successive future generations. We are so proud to be part of this place, proud also of our traditions that makes us part of this nation of ours, a nation which began only 164 years ago, a young nation in world terms. Traditions and history inform us our ancestor leaders were courageous and confident men who were unafraid of the unknown, the latter-day leaders in particular had to respond to changes, new systems beyond their horizons and understanding and they did so with integrity, dignity, and consistent leadership. The contributions our ancestors bequeathed to us, provides us an opportunity to assist future generations of people.

John Klaracich (Chairperson) CNZM, QSO, JP

Our Vision

To ensure that the exploits of Kupe and his significance to Aotearoa is told and heard by delivering a world class cultural and story-telling tourism visitor experience. By 2025 we will become a platform to enhance the viability of existing tourism businesses and support the creation of new tourism businesses in our communities, inspire our local rangatahi (youth) by improving education and future pathways and outcomes and increase direct and indirect employment opportunities for locals.

Our Mission

To inform all locals and visitors of how and why Kupe, New Zealand’s first discoverer, chose to call Hokianga his home by connecting them with 32 generations of stories, landscapes, human storytellers and digital technology.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the story of Kupe to all locals and visitors.
  • To become a world class cultural tourism visitor experience.
  • To develop strategic local, national and international relationships that help to grow the reputation of Hokianga as a must-see visitor destination in Aotearoa.
  • To be a progressive and sustainable workplace that people want to work for and one that adopts responsible business practices.